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Tempo not at 0.00% when slider is at 0

I recently encountered a problem with my CDJ-2000NXS, where even though the slider is at zero (0) as precisely as visually possible, the display screen shows that the tempo/pitch is at -1.05%. It is not until I slide the slider down below the actual zero spot that the screen shows it is at the origin tempo (0.00%). What is going on? I have tried so many things to fix this, including a factory reset with the disc eject/usb eject/power etc., but I'm not sure if this is some strange setting with hardware that I am not aware of. It was all fine a few weeks ago until suddenly it changed. What's strange is that when it is slid to the top, the tempo is at -6, and at the bottom it is at +6 (or -10/+10, etc.), however, the median point of 0 is not equidistant from the top and bottom as one would expect. Therefore, it doesn't really effect being able to choose a tempo, however it's extremely annoying when sliding the tempo bar to zero doesn't set the track to its original tempo but rather some tempo -1.05% from its actual original value. This is also not an issue with sync I am pretty sure, because this happens on its own even without a link cable and after resetting it. What happened here and why is this a thing?

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