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Often while playing I would get the 8302 (or the "collapsed or unavailable") error, randomly and without a warning. 

What happens is I will load a track and immediately try to activate a loop via the touch strip, while also tapping the CUE button. (This is what I often do when loading tracks and in the heat of the set and playing fast)  


Then what happens is within a few seconds the track will freeze, and then the message pops up saying (ERROR-8302: CANNOT PLAY TRACK (000D)) 

This is really a big problem as that CDJ then completely freezes (You can still browse, but not load any tracks or manipulate the loaded track or so). If you are playing with only one flash drive and it is in that frozen CDJ it is then a bigger problem, as the only option you have is it to power the CDJ off.

(In this situation I have learned to then quickly create a 16 beat LOOP on my mixer with the FX, power down the CDJ, restart and then re-insert my flash drive and continue playing, while then mixing into my LOOP that's playing on the mixer's FX... Yeah, it is quite tricky and stressful when this happens!)

Also to be noted, during this freeze your flash drive cannot be ejected, the red light just blinks indefinitely, so you have no option but to pull the flash drive out. (Luckily it has never corrupted any of my flash drives) 


Also, while that deck is frozen with your flashdrive in, you can still access your flashdrive via Pro-Link from the other CDJ, and everything works perfectly on that other CDJ. (but obviously you can not continue playing with only one deck, so have to restart the frozen deck)



So I found out a way to replicate the issue here at my home again and again now, and I also got to cancel out a few causes that I thought could trigger this error.


- I learned that it has nothing to do with Pro-Link or your network devices, as I can replicate this error on a CDJ that is not connected up to Pro-Link (Ethernet Cable is completely unplugged) 

- I can also replicate this when playing from a SanDisk Extreme Pro 3.1 128GB, SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB 3.0 or a SanDisk Pro SD card, all formatted in FAT32 with nothing on but my Rekordbox library.  

- I thought it could be from having too many files on my flashdrives, but I could replicate this error today on a flashdrive with only 11 tracks on.

- I can also replicate this error on the other CDJ (hooked up via Pro-Link), so it does not happen on only the CDJ that the flash drive is physically inserted to



What to do to replicate the ERROR-8302: CANNOT PLAY TRACK (000D):

- Go into the Tracks playlist on your flashdrive

- Load a track and start playing

- Then press the >>| Track Search button to load the next in line track, while the CDJ loads the next track you then try and activate a LOOP via the touch strip by first pressing  LOOP MODE (to bring up the loop section) and then tap on the touch strip continuously (any loop size) and after a second or so the loop will be activated.

Then while tapping the touch strip to try and quickly activate a LOOP, also then tap the CUE button the whole time (fast).    

- If the LOOP successfully activates and the CUE works by continuously tapping it, press the >>| Track Search and load the next track, and repeat the process of trying to activate a LOOP and tapping CUE at the same time, track after track.



- If you skip a few tracks (30+) by just holding in the >>| Track Search button for a few seconds, and trying the above on any random track, it sometimes causes the error to happen quicker. 

- I also know that the above is not normal playing style (Tapping CUE continuously while trying to activate a LOOP on the touch strip, all still while the track is being loaded), but this is the only way to quickly replicate the problem that I sometimes encounter after playing for a while (Sometimes only happens after a few hours of playing)

- When the CDJ freezes on a specific track with ERROR-8302, that track can be perfectly played the next time without issues, so it is not a track specific problem

- As mentioned earlier, the flash drive cannot be ejected after ERROR-8302, and interestingly when you the pull the flash drive out, you can still browse the complete flash drive contents from your CDJ and see the info of every track when you select the INFO option, while there is no flash drive anymore in that CDJ...




Anyway, so this is now a long post, but this Error 8302 and the "File Missing or Corrupt" error has been bugging me for a long time, and happens at least once every month or so to me, and it really sucks when it does, not only do you need to restart that CDJ, but you lose your Play History of the night (More of an inconvenience than a major problem). So I thought I would do this little test and post my findings.

Maybe it is something that can be fixed software/firmware wise, or maybe if you are too fast for the CDJ2000NXS with loading a track, looping and cueing all at the same time it then crashes the CDJ and also completely freezes, and this might be due to a hardware limitation...

I will just from now on be a bit more patient and when loading a track wait for the "LOOP IN" yellow button to stop flashing, before I continue with the rest...



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Okay, I tried something now. 

Using a Kingston HyperX 128Gb flash drive (I know the HyperX drives are not the best with Rekordbox etc., this is my old flash drive)

- I insert the flash drive in player 2 
- Get some tracks playing on player 2
- Do the (Load Track + Activate Loop + Cue) manoeuvre as above on the Pro-Linked player 1 to create Error 8302 (took me like 3 minutes of trying to freeze up player 1) 

Interesting to discover:
- Player 2 that has the flash drive inserted to, still works perfectly. You can load tracks and everything.  Player 1 is completely frozen up (except the browsing of your flash drive still works)
- If I then disconnect the ethernet cable from the frozen player 1, I can then eject the flash drive as normal that is in player 2
- Player 1 still then shows my entire library contents in the browse view, all the playlists and tracks are there and you can even use the search function to search for any track, only thing I notice is none of the tracks have cover art pictures. 
(so the CDJ's store your library (track listing, playlists etc.) on the unit itself?)


So now player 1 is frozen, player 2 is fine and my flash drive is ejected, yet on player 1 I can still browse my flash drive's contents via LINK. 

If I then insert my flash drive into frozen Player 1, browsing of the Flash Drive via USB works perfectly, but as soon as you try to load a track it says "LOADING", but never loads. 
At this point the browsing (of my ejected flash drive) in LINK is also not working any more and I cannot eject the flash drive that I inserted into the player 1. 

I don't have a lot of knowledge how CDJ's work compared to normal computers, but it feels like when it freezes it is because the "RAM" or something of the player where it keeps the loaded tracks in get's corrupted or so and it fails to eject the flash drive, with the only fix being to power down the unit and back on again. Then all is again 100%

I will try and replicate this on other CDJ2000NXS and also maybe some NXS2's when I get the opportunity, to eliminate my players as being the culprit (They are super well looked after and give zero other issues, so I doubt it's both my players that are for some reason the problem)

Just some other constants for additional info:
- All drives are FAT 32
- Only Rekordbox'ed MP3s (Beatport etc, so good quality)
- Quantize, Auto Cue, Master Tempo on and tempo on ±4%

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I have tested some different things over the weekend and can confirm the following:

- Error 8302 as above has nothing to do with the ethernet setup or divices. It can be easily replicated on a CDJ with literally only mains power connected. 

- MASTER TEMPO has no effect (can be on or off)

- >> QUANTIZE << could maybe be a hidden issue/cause/aggravator to this error 8302. I can not replicate this error with Quantize off at all. On I can do it within 5 minutes, but off I could not replicate it after trying for quite a time. I suspect this has got something to do with ERROR-8302: CANNOT PLAY TRACK (000D) when it happens in my situation  

- It does not seem to happen with non-analysed files (just mp3s on a flash drive) 

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Another update:

Today I tested my flashdrives and SD cards in a friend's CDJ2000NXS (1)

I can also replicate Error 8302 on his CDJ's with my media quite easily. 

Then we tested his flash drives in my CDJ2000NXS and I could also replicate the Error 8302 (Although it was a bit more difficult, he has Samsung flashdrives that just seemed to cope better than my Sandisk drives and SD card (Extreme Pro versions so pretty much the fastest available from Sandisk). He obviously has a totally different Rekordbox Library, different files, different computers that exported the tracks etc.. So it clearly now indicates it is the CDJ2000NXS1's that has the problem.

I realise this issue might be due to hardware limitations and the NXS1's are quite a few years old now, but it would be great if a firmware update could be developed that when the Error 8302 happens you can somehow "clear" the players buffer/memory, so that you can continue with your set, and not have the CDJ unit completely freeze up on you ( with the only fix to having to switch off the CDJ mid-set)?

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Sorry, the post was clearly missed back in July; I'll pass it to our team for review.

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Thank you Pulse, and for your time reading this in-depth and long post, haha!

I do realise these Nexus1’s are “last generation” or of the “older” gear, but it is still incredible players that are used widely and would be awesome if maybe a fix could be developed for this issue.

Kind regards

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