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E-8306 error on CDJ 350s

Hi Guys.

This is driving me crazy! I'm experiencing random E-8306 errors on my files. I have been unable to pinpoint the exact reason. To me the error appears totally random.

I'm using a deck with 2 CDJ 350 and 1 DJM 350. I store my music on 2 crucial MX500 ssd's and upload my music via rekordbox. The ssd's are formatted in mac osx extended (HFS+). My playlists are created in iTunes. The format of the tracks is aiff.

The problem started appearing, when I changed the location of my music and database to an external HDD and the back again to my iMac. After this I've tried re-installing rekordbox and wiping the ssd's. Every time I try some sort of solution, the problem pops up some other random place.

About 5-10 % of my files are affected. It is really bugging me!


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