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E-8302 / 300A - Cannot play track on local player but works on Link

Im only coming here because Im highly frustrated and confused as to whats happening.

Been DJing for a while, always on Pioneer players, and finally decided to invest and get my own pair of CDJ2000NXS2 and DJM900NXS2, which I got yesterday! Yes, just yesterday, hasn't even been 24 hours since I unpacked them, and they haven't been running for more than 1 hour altogether.

Have regular setup, both players and a mixer all linked via gigabit switch, and connected via digital RCA ports on channels 2 and 3, player Ids are 2 and 3 respectively.
As usually, I have USB drives in both of my players, left one being main source and right one being in Link mode, only having the flash drive for case of emergency or failure.

Now imagine my frustration when I try to load a song on a left player, which has a local USB storage accessed, press Search next button (above Cue) and I get a "Media or file is collapsed or unavailable" error, followed by a red "E-8302: CANNOT PLAY TRACK (300A)" message where waveform should be.

Now from here on this exact same message pops up for literally any file I try to load off the drive. Even the track that just finished playing on this same player.
To make it worse, the second player plays all of the tracks just fine, using Link as source, hence accessing files on a Player 1's usb flash drive. Insanity.

Long story short:
Brand new CDJ2000NXS2 error. Source is set to USB, so its local storage, no link loading, so its not due network access. There is no RekordBox or PC or any other device connected in the same network, its closed network with only 2 cdjs and a mixer.
The second player loads all the tracks just fine from LINK source, reading it from Player 1, which makes me conclude that Player 1's firmware collapsed.

Player's firmware version is 1.83.

What is the source of such problem?



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Update on the situation:

I updated both players to version 1.84. Update failed right at start, saying "Main update file corrupted", so I used a different usb drive. This time update went smoothly without issues.

I managed to replicate the firmware collapse on 1.84 as well after fiddling around tracks and track's needle position again, but I could not replicate the issue using any of my other usb drives, so the conclusion is that player doesnt like one of the usb flash drives, which causes a crash in one part of player's firmware.

The flash drive causing issues is Lexar JumpDrive S45 128GB usb 3.0 drive.

This one finished its ride on CDJs from now on as it seems.

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