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PLX-500 Issues

Does anyone know if Pioneer have addressed all issues and faults which the
PLX-500 inherits?

The internet is swarmed with its issues.

Online retailers have dropped the price of these units as well.
Does this mean Pioneer have acknowledged this turntable as unusable and a new PLX imminent?


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After one year using a full Pioneer set: I wouldn't buy the turntable .

One unit motor just passed out yesterday after one year of usage (that's why I am in the forum).

I guess I was pushing too much, playing (not mixing nor scratching) an old and heavy 78t plate.

Other issue is the resonance of the unit.  Cheap plastic makes the case resonating every time you touch it. Completely unusable live (just home practice ok). Torque is also not enough (but practicing on low torque is not bad thing to do).

I like the Pioneer mixer and the loudspeakers though.

Dont buy the DJ headphones as it creates flocks that sticks on the vinyl. 


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