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CDJ-900 and Kingston DataTraveler 100G3 64GB USB 3.1 Drive

I recently purchased two Kingston DataTraveler 100G3 64GB USB 3.1 drives and they've been interacting badly with the CDJ-900's that I've used at a few different clubs.

I also have an older Kingston DataTraveler 101G2 8GB USB 2.0 drive that works awesome.

All three drives are formatted to FAT32 and have the same music files on them.

The issue is that the new 3.1 drives are detected and do load up, but if I switch folders it sometimes takes a good 10-30 seconds showing the loading icon and on occasion just gets stuck attempting to load. When it gets stuck, the eject option won't eject the drive and I actually have to pull it out, power off the unit and power it back on and wait for it to load up.

For the moment, I'm still using the older 8GB USB 2.0 drive, but I'd like to be able to use the newer ones for the increased space.

Is there a known solution for this issue?
Perhaps a new firmware or software update?
Would the result be any different if I used the Rekordbox option for the USB instead of the USB option?


Todd Bussey

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Sometimes I find I have to go back to the other screen and then into the browser again when the hour glass begins to turn too much on the CDJ-900s.  Usually doing that once or twice fixes this hangup.  There are also some folders that for some reason will show as empty, but I've found no solution to that.

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