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DJS1000 Bug? Recorded Triggers disregard Gate/OneShot

DJS-1000 Firmware 1.11   Is this a bug?

When NOT in record mode, the sample will behave correctly according to Trigger Mode "One Shot" or "Gate".  

After arming record, when I try to record Triggers in "Gate" mode, only the first 1 or 2 notes behave in "Gate"... then suddenly all remaining Triggers change to "One Shot".

Is this user error on my part, or a bug?  



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OK, I figured out what happened, this is not a bug.

I started off recording sequence with 0% Swing.  

Then after things sounded great, I changed Swing to 65%.

It was only AFTER changing Swing to 65% that I had a difficult time recording new triggers with pads.

I didn't know that with Swing on high that realtime recording would be affected.

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Thanks for posting this!! I was having the same issue when setting my SWING to 53%. Now, I just turn the SWING to 0% (off) when I arm to live record my samples on GATE. Very helpful post!
Thanks again

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