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CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 Emergency Loop


I have problems with playing on the NXS2 players. When I play tracks (which are analysed through Rekordbox) on the players, the CDJs will go randomly in emergency loop. When they go in this loop, I can press the loop exit and it continues playing and all my hot cues and cue is back! It’s a bit irritating, so that’s why I want to solve it. It looks like it is because of the APE tag problem, but I removed the files which had the APE tag...
I’ve been playing for a really long time with same usbs and even bought new ones to see if it wasn’t just wear of my old usbs. I have this problem since a couple of weeks.

I use the SANDISK Cruzer Ultra USB 3.0, two are 128 GB and two are 64 GB. All four have the same problem.
The format of the sticks are all FAT32.

All CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 I tested my usbs on were updated with the latest firmware.

I hope I could get any advice or the solution to this problem.

- Matt


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I posted about the NXS2 players being picky with USB-sticks a while ago, since then I have seen a few other similar posts. 




I solved my problem with upgrading to better sticks, Samsung Fit and Sandisk Extreme Pro have never let me down. A tip is, if possible, carry at least one stick in HFS+. Mixed formats have saved me at least once on NXS2 players.

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