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Error 83-02 - CDJ 900s

Hey guys,


So i have an issue with my CDJ900s. I have exported some music onto a USB from Rekordbox DJ and plugged it into my CDJ900s. It allows me to search the tracks whether they are in Playlists I've created or the nominated folders. However when i select the track I want to play, it comes up with a E 83-02 Error and doesnt allow me to play any tracks. These USBs work perfectly fine on other Pioneer products, (XDJ RX2, CDJ2000s)

How can I fix this issue? 

Nicholas Sarpa

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There is a possibility the music files are not exported correctly. Does the E8302 happen with all tracks? Do those same tracks play on other devices? What is the filetype of those songs?

Connect the USB device to the computer and check if the problematic tracks can be loaded in rekordbox.

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