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Sandisk Extreme 1TB SSD issues transferring from Rekordbox

Hey Guys,


Trying to move my collection over to one drive. I've got a 1TB Sandisk Extreme SSD. I have it formatted at FAT32 using a mac. I have a music collection of 352GB, when I move all my analysed music in folders and playlists over to the device it completes its transfer below and has no issues. I am then able to play music from the drive with the newly formed lists on the Sandisk device. 

One thing I note is that the space taken up on the device is now 42GB used, when the total file size should have been 352GB. Yet I'm able to play all files via my computer. After I unplug and connect to CDJ all works and looks normal. All files are listed and all wav forms are visible. Yet when I select each song it comes up with an error on the player. E-8302: Cannot Play Track (3628)

I have also completed a wipe of the device and tried transferring one playlist of 100 tracks and it once again had smaller size on the drive once transferred.


Seems like some compression of something is happening on the drive? 

James Beetham

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Im no expert but it sounds like Rekordbox is syncing ok but your problem may be the original file path.

If you move the file from the original path when you added it to Rekordbox then it wont play or move physically. It will still show as a file in your collection but its not on your drive as a file. If that makes any sense.

Not sure how you can see a waveform on the cdj and it not play though.

The files are on your pc but not in the original place when you added them to Rekordbox.

Thats why RB can't transfer them to ssd.

Hope that helps.

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