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What is needed to mix with a pair of cdj 1000 mk2

So I am looking to buy a pair of cdj 1000mk2. I really love the look and idea behind them. They are cheap and something I just want to purchase. I have no idea what mixer to get how to put music on the CD (song preparation) or if they hook up on my pc. I plan on purchasing them first then finding anything else I need but I have absolutely no idea how to use these or set them up.
Malik Wagner

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Just look at the CDJ 100 MK2 as a basic CD Player....

You need to use CDs to play Musik, to mix the Musik you will also need a Mixer ... and some headphones ....

CDJ 1000 MK2 cannot just hook up to your PC.

You would need a Serato or Traktor soundcard or a Mixer with build in Soundcard to connect the Setup to your PC and than you can Use them With Timecode CDs as DVS System


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