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A couple of TORAIZ SP-16 errors (or maybe feature requests)

Dear Moderator, I couldn't quite decide if my topic is errors or feature requests. Please move the post to the feature requests if I put it in the wrong place here.

1) Seems like the send effects are pre-fader. So that means if in the mixer I have a a Send amount for a track, then when I pull its volume down I still here the effected sound. That's not the way I would like to use it. Is it possible to have the Send effects post fader? If not currently possible I would like to suggest it as a feature for the next firmware update.

2) I just started to use a TORAIZ SQUID and TORAIZ SP-16 together. When I SP-16 is set to sync to the SQUID MIDI input I cannot use roll effects with the touch strip on the SP-16 (e.g. the touch strip is set to 'Repeat' and I would want to have a snare roll before a drop). Am I doing something wrong? As soon as I touch the touch strip on the SP-16 the incoming MIDI signals from the SQUID get messed up. Sometimes they drop out completely, and sometimes they get out of beat. When I stop the touch strip action the MIDI signals from the SQUID recover. If it's a general problem, not only my silliness I would also suggest to have a fix for this for the next firmware update (I don't know if the SQUID or the SP-16 needs a fix)


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