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SP-16 and AS-1 combo


 Hello again, I have a question about the AS-1 and SP-16 combo that I can't seem to find an answer for. I just brought my SP-16 and I'm intrigued by the little synth you can add to it. I've learned that Pioneer doesn't exactly put the writing on the wall sometimes. With the AS-1 does it automatically sync its sequences to the beat you made on the SP-16. Like if I did a nice sequence on my SP-16 and had the AS-1 linked to it would the notes coming from the AS-1 be immediately matched to what I created? 

Also what else can the AS-1 do when linked to the SP-16?


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there is a ton youtube videos with the AS-1 and Toriaz SP 16 check it out they work perfect together and are in sync.

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Yeah there's videos I wouldn't say a "ton" more like just a "few" with the AS-1 and SP-16 combo but none really going into detail about how well they sync or how they sync mostly pretty brief explanations. There are a good amount of vids about the AS-1 itself though but I guess those synth reviewers don't know about the AS-1 functions on the SP-16. I see the little option in the window sometimes I wonder just how much it can do and does it save and record that performance data?

or maybe I should rephrase my question a bit. I see videos about them but they seem geared more towards DJ use and I kind of wonder how the two function for music production the way you would use midi sequencing to record a song and not so much just live playing.

On my TR8S if you sync a synth to it the TR8S becomes the controller letting you adjust the tempo and few other things. I'm a bit confused with the SP-16 as it shows that it has some advance midi features but no one really seems to explain it.

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