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Relocate Files - Error: Already In Collection

Preface:  I have googled this problem for 20 minutes.  This question has been asked several times, but each post had no actual answers in it.  

Here is the situation. 
-All of my song files are on my PC we will say in DJFolder. 
-All of those songs are also copied on a flashdrive formatted with Rekordbox playlists from a different computer.
-In Rekordbox I drag playlists from USB to PC
-Files in playlist on PC are still located on USB
-I want to relocate them to my PC DJFolder
-I try and relocate single file, but am told file is "Already In Collection"


So the question is:   How do I change multiple file locations from my USB to PC folder DJFolder without "already in collection".   When that error comes up it would be logical if it gave you the option to copy and replace in collection like it would in windows explorer, but it doesn't . 

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@Spencer > This is because you're trying to import the same songs twice.

Simply remove or rename the folder that previously contained the files you're wanting to "relocate" to your external USB drive. That would then make those tracks appear as "missing" from the collection, and then you use the relocation tool to batch-relocate all of them on the USB drive.

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