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Can FX or EQ be applied to Rekordbox's sampler/sequencer?


I'm new to Rekordbox DJ and also this forum 👋

I want to find out if it's possible to manipulate what's playing out from the sampler/sequencer in the same sort of way you would use the EQ controls or FX on one of the channels.

Or does the sampler/sequencer behave like it's own channel but with no EQ or FX control?

I haven't been able to find an answer so far, any guidance would be much appreciated!

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For FX, yes! You can apply any of the FX to the sampler simply by selecting the S button as the source channel:

As for the EQ, It does depend a little bit on the hardware you're using as some (with an external audio mixer) will allow you to route the audio to either the dedicated sampler output, or one of the mixer channels, in which case you'll have the ability to use that channel's EQ controls.


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Thank you for your helpful response.

Great that FX can be applied to the sampler 🙂

I've found that my DDJ RX doesn't let me route the sampler through one of the channels for EQ control.

Next, I'm going to be looking into how midi-mappable the sampler/ sequencer's controls are. For example to control levels of individual samples playing in the sequencer. I doubt FX will be able to be applied at an individual sample level.

This is because I'm curious at how much of the functionality of Traktor's remix decks could be recreated in Rekordbox. It was a borderline decision on whether to commit to Traktor vs Rekordbox... in the end, I was drawn to Rekordbox's music management.

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