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Restoring a library after a PC problems

I've just had my laptop striped down and repaired by a guy in a shop, because the USB slots weren't working on it. The guy told me that he had to reinstall windows as he managed to break it, somehow. He told me he'd backed up all of the files, which he has, but that I'd have to reinstall any software that was on there. I did so, but it's not showing up as having any of my songs on the computer when I open rekordbox. This is highly frustrating, as I've put at least 100 hours into setting up all of my loops and cue points. Surely there is some way for me to relocate this info somehow, as all of the songs are still on the laptop, so I assume the data which relates to the cue points must be on there too, somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If my library is gone, I might have to give up DJing. I don't have time to start afresh again, I've done it twice in the past and it's heartbreaking.
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Yuck, that's no good. Provided you have the data, you're golden...

Under Windows, all the data is stored in this path:


Provided the username is the same from the old computer to the new, there's nothing you need to do except copy that data over.

If the folder paths are different, you'll need to make some edits to the rekordbox3.settings file. Crack it open with a text editor and change the path anywhere your old username appears, swap it with your new one.

Let me know if you need further assistance with that.

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OK, so I had previously exported all of the songs to an SD card before I sent my laptop to be fixed, but it doesn't show any of the songs on rekordbox when I plug it in. All of the songs are on there, and all of the data files are too, but Rekordbox won't read them. I'm sure I've done that previously, so I hope this might be a work around. I've got the guy in the shop restoring some data to my computer, which kind of begs the question as to why he hasn't done that already. Why was he holding back my data?!!

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