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Intellegent (smart) playlist options


SInce the release of Mac OS Catalina I am looking at other possibilities to manage my music, and especially playlists. I would prefer to do that all in one application. However, compared to iTunes smart playlist options I am cannot find possibilities to build them into Rekordbox. The functionality I'm looking for the most is the Intellegent (smart) playlist based on another Intellegent (smart) playlist.

Does anyone know if that is in Rekordbox or will soon be introduced in Rekordbox. Do you have experience with work arounds?

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Currently, no, we're still waiting on those advanced playlist criteria to be added to rekordbox and we don't have a timeline, sorry.

You could still use the Apple Music app to do your music management and export the XML file manually to import to rekordbox, but I'm against using that kind of configuration where possible on principle of not using iTunes / Apple Music for anything DJ-related.

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