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Maybe an impossible mission? Toraiz SP-16, Ableton and Serato

So, i want to do as the title says: 

I want to drag out the midi function from the SP-16 into Ableton and then link it into Serato and use it in my DJ set's. Im using a DJM-S9 and from time to time DJM-900 nxs1/nxs2.

I red on some other forum that it can be done, but those posts are 3 years old, and belonged to the older firmwares of the SP-16. 

I've installed the 1.60 update on the unit. 

I basically want to use the SP-16 like the Roland Hardware (TR-8S etc.) and therefore i want to sync it up so i'll have the same BPM between the SP-16 and my Serato software. And here Ableton pops in because of the link function between those two Pioneer products.

Can this be done, or am i going down on a road i can't walk on?

I might just want to have the SP-16 for fun and then invest in a Roland product instead.. 

Sebastian Skjødt

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