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no output audio on Traktor with cdj's 900

hello I`m owner of 2 CDJs 900 and a djm900nxs

- I connected the 2 CDJs with a usb cable to the Mac OS 10.15.2 

- use the CDJs aggregator for connect them to the system (found both of them)

- set the midi audio with both CDJs 

- open traktor 3 pro , in the settings select the midi audio with both CDJs 

- set the output audio 

-select the desk on the CDJs A & B

i have sound on the earphones but not on the master

cdjs are connected 1 with orca cable and the other one with digital cable

if I run the CDJs without the computer sound works fine.

thanks in advance 


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@tomas > If you've selected the CDJ aggregate as the audio device within Traktor, then each deck would output its own audio (theoretically; if you configured it properly) to the mixer. If you have audio in the headphones but not the master, Traktor is doing its job and the problem is on the mixer.

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