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Feature Request - Performance Mode Pads / Buttons...

Hi there,

Only around a week in with SP16... Got through the early stages of understanding the unit, and now see this for what it is: A freakin beast!... Very cool unit; changing my live set approach to be honest...

It's totally usable with some workarounds for what I want - but I think the following would be amazing:

A performance pad /button setup mode: In this mode, you could:

- select each pad to play a sample or SLICE from a sample (or whatever). This means you could have say 4 pads with sample chains of drum rolls (each a slice in a single sample on one of the pads); a handful of bass drops / FX hits; a clap or two; etc. split across the pads.  These still play from the orginal sample slots / tracks / files etc.  - the idea is that it gives you direct access to a range of live improvs across your whole kit but these are all available from one easy to access set of pads. [My current workaround is to save sample chains for use within a single pad with each of these sounds included in the sample chain BUT a drum roll chops off the audio of a bass drop in that config because they're playing from the same monophonic sample channel... sound a bit clunky... but yeah, it's too tricky to jump between two tracks in slice mode to do easy improvs across your kit (AND having just one repeated sound is boring for improvs - slices and sample chains are perfect for adding variation).]

- Also in this mode, you could set various other parameters of your choice to be hard-linked to the rotary controllers (e.g. some as track send to reverb; maybe others as control of actual reverb parameters - whatever the user wants...).

- And then also: this mode could allow the 16 sequence buttons to become mute buttons for each of the 16 tracks - this could be user configurable (on/off) in case people like to live program (personally, I'll have 90% of my tracks pre-programmed, and don't need or even like have my steps immediately available as I can accidentally delete a carefully programmed step by accident!). I mean, ideally you could setup up mute groups; and assign these to each of the 16 sequence buttuns, but I'd be happy with them being direct mutes for now!...

So now, hopefully someone can chime in and tell me this is actually possible(!), but... I honestly think these would be amazing features (and I don't think it's really anything the system couldn't handle).


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Hi jBam,

Thank you for your comments and feature suggestions. Let me verify that none of these features are already available in the product. I'll get right back to you here.


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Cool ;) thanks for the reply...

One other thing (maybe this allows most of the above functionality) - trigger slices via external midi (ideally just notes, slice per semitone) Then I can program an external pad controller to easily do that performance pad set up by simply setting the corresponding midi channels and notes. Hmmm... yes, that's be really awesome!! Might need a setting added to define a sample pad as "slice mode" or "scale mode" separate to the slice / scale buttons so the sample channel knows how to treat incoming note data... then you can keep pads on mutes.

All that said, I really like the feel of the pads for improvs... so the original idea AND adding external slice triggering would be epic and ideal ;)

As a sign-off: I have a beautiful collection of electronic music gear in my studio. I didnt expect it, but the Toraiz SP16 is fast becoming one of my favorite pieces... it's a future classic, and what it currently allows me to do is just so accessible and quick and engaging. Keep up the great work on this beast!!... so with that said, any new functionality is just a bonus now ;)...

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