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Waveform disappearing on pioneer CDJ 2000nxs2

Has anyone ever experienced this? And does anyone know what is causing this and how to solve it?

My issue is that sometimes the 'waveform' and more is suddenly not visible/useable. like you can see in my uploaded picture. Which is a huge problem for me. This issue happens only sometimes.

As far as i can remember, many months ago the issue sometimes was there straight away when plugging in a usb stick

And in all the last times it occured while ding for hours.

In the last few times the issue did not solve itself, it will stay there.

I did eject the SSD, and plugged it in again, and the issue was still there.

After restarting the CDJ the issue was gone.

I have had this issue :

- on 2 or 3 different CDJ’s 2000NXS2.

- with at least 2 usb sticks over 100 GB (formatted regularly), and 1 SSD (which I have been using flawlessly for 2 months, and is formatted in a way so it can be used for larger than 32gb)

First i thought it might be an issue related to the usb sticks, but now i don’t know it anymore.

Can this maybe be a software issue/bug in the CDJ. On my own cdj’s i have installed the latest software update. (On another CDJ where the issue happened I don’t know it the latest software was installed)

I issue was always only with ONE cdj, and not with both at the same time.

Has anyone ever experienced this? And does anyone know what is causing this and how to solve it?


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Have you tried taking one of the USB drives you've known to have an issue and format / rename / export everything again and test the same (problematic) song without rebooting the CDJ to see if it occurs again? That would at least help narrow things down to the drive or the player.

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Thank you very much for your reply!

Well, the thing is, I have not detected any problem with any song. I don't know if a song is causing this issue.

The only thing I can detect is that the issue is happening only somtimes, without knowing IF it is occuring because of a faulty song. I have replayed my history playlists from the events where i played and when the issue happened, and no issue occured while playing the history playlist (Although I know I have listened to other songs too, while trying to find the next song to play, and I don;t know which tracks they were, so I was not able to test those tracks.

I'm trying for many days to reproduce the issue. I'm playing ALL the songs on the SSD (about 5000 thousand), and after playing for more than 100 hours so far,(in continues mode, and with +1000 tempo) the issue did not occur, or I have not noticed it occuring.

I have had this problem with also 1 or 2 (other) usb sticks, so it probably has nothing to do with any of my usb sticks/ SSD drives. I also would like the SSD to stay in the same state of the day when the issue occored, incase I need to do more investigation about the content on the SSD.

The issue happened also while djing not on my own CDJ's but the cdj from a bar where i play.

There would not be a big issue for me if this issue would happen for a few minutes with one track, but the issue is, that the issue will continue for many hours!

Do you maybe have other clues how to narrow things down?

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