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Memory Cue juggling


I've just got myself a set of CDJ-900NXS after coming from Denon SC2900.  I really like them and am learning my way around the feature set.  I've learnt how to set memory cues in Rekordbox and know I can use them when the track is paused to get to my preferred mix in point, for example.

I was just wondering (thought I'd post a topic rather than just try it on the players) if I hit one of the call buttons whilst a track is playing (not in a loop) will it:

a) Do nothing

b) Go to the next/previous memory point and pause or

c) Go to the next/previous memory point and keep on playing

Thanks all.

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It will go to that memory point, but it will have a bit of a hiccup in the audio as it buffers that memory point. It's not recommended to press it while playing.

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