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Setting up new computer, help? "Sync with My Tag"

I've just got a new MacBook and am looking to transfer my library from my old computer my new one. I've done a backup on an external drive and have plugged it in to my new laptop but the popup that's come up isn't super self explanatory.

"Sync with My Tag - My Tag in this device is synced with another computer. Do you want to delete My Tag stored in the device and sync with My Tag in this computer?"

I assume the answer is yes, but what does this actually do? Does this delete settings from my old laptop? I'm just a bit paranoid that my backup/import might fail and then I won't be able to rebackup from my old laptop.


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The export drive recognizes that the computer it's connected to is not the original source for its sync / export, as such, the MyTag values on that computer may be different so if you sync, they will be overwritten. If you've moved the database from computer A to computer B, then you're safe in overwriting them now as they would be the same anyhow.

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