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Feature request


I really do like the squid. As there is a way to exchange midifiles between the squid and the computer it would be awesome if there was a way to import groove templates as well. 

Shuffle is ok but usually I tend to use groovetemplates that I extract from nice drumloops to quantize my elements to. It would be really cool if there was a way to do so and have a template that is applied instead of standard shuffle.

Also (maybe you can do this and I just don't know) it would be great if there was a way to change the colours of the pads so that for example the first 8 pads are white as the go to my akai s 950 the nxt pad is black as it goes to my minitaur etc. And it also would be cool if there was a way to enter the name of the instrument the pad is triggering just to keep overview.

Last thing I noticed. When holding a pad to change its gate time and the time exceeds the 16th of the pad I am editing it would be great if the next pad would start being lit as well. It is nice to see how many steps the gate time is but it wouls be way faster if the pads after get lit so I see when I reach the next note

Also is there a way to switch off the pad that is being edited triggering the sound? It is quite annoying when editing the pad and just hearing the sound / note of the pad instead hearing the sequence running through and hearing the change once the sequence is at that note again.

Hope this makes sense 

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Hi Jens,

Thank you for contributing to the forum and for your thoughtful suggestions!  Groove templates are an interesting and useful suggestion indeed.  I will forward this to the development team who works on firmware updates. No guarantees, but I will make sure they understand what you are suggesting.

Regarding your next question...you CAN change both the name and pad color of each of your 16 tracks!

1) First press TRACK

2) Select the Track you wish to edit by hitting any of the 16 pads

3) Now, hold SHIFT and tap the TRACK button to enter "Track Setting" menu

4) From here you can turn the dial and then push to select what aspect of the Track you wish to edit, for example Name, Pad Color, etc. 

5) When done, hit BACK to exit


Next, I understand what you are asking for when it comes to seeing some visual feedback that indicates notes with long gate times, but the problem there is that there is no way to tell if 4 illuminates pads in a row is a single, long note...or 4 notes in succession.

We've addressed this by adding a TIE function.  If you have a note on a pad (orange light) that is, for example, 1/16th note long...hold down the TIE button and tap purple notes after it to lengthen it.  Try it out.  The final purple tied note will have the gate time that you set for the original orange note. Now you can see how long a note lasts visually.

Lastly, regarding your last question: yes, that is called "Step Preview" and it is item 13-C in your global settings. I have mine turned off.

Thanks Jens,

Rhythm Droid



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