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Custom Page on squid and other stuff


I love the unit and it is much much more than I thought it would be. One thing I am finding a bit difficult is that when trying to perform with it I keep changing between the editpages way too often.

It would be great to have like a custom page where you can set different pads to different functions e.g.

pad 1: choose pad a

pad 2: choose pad b 

so you can switch very fast between the tracks that get affected by the rythmic control buttons

pad 3: choose pad a pattern 1,2,3

pad 3: choose pad b pattern 1,2,3  which ever you want

pad 4: choose pattern set 1

pad 5: choose pattern set 2


so maybe there was a way to define the midi cc to certain channels so i could adjust cutoff of different synths without having to switch in between

well just an additional page that allows all the buttons and knobs to bet configured with any of the functions the unit offers


other ideas:

change patternsets with external midi in

change patternsets immediately / or quantized to shorterr amounts than 1 bar

more steps, better 16 patterns than just 4

more patternsets, better 4 pages with 16 sets than just one (or maybe even more)

switchable positions of the knobs (so for example that I push the button next to gate to toggle between two values I have set before. "beats rolling" - "beats stepping" all changeable immediately this is nuts what you could do with this

This machine is so close to be the ultimate performance tool it is just minor stuff that from its functionality is there already and just needs to be a bit more optimized.

Seriously I can play chopped beats like an instrument and get things I never dreamt of

Jens Kuehnemann

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