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5.8.1 - Import is deleting part of tags

Before I imported Promo Only January - Week1 I took screenshots of the tags in my tag edit, then I import it into rekordbox and sometimes it cuts off the "Album" tag. All if these tracks are downloaded at the same time and added and they all say ""EXPRESS AUDIO DFF JANUARY 2020: WEEK 1""" but 1 of them now says "EXPRESS AUDIO DFF JANUARY 2020" and the :WEEK 1 is totally deleted even when I bring it back into the other software. you can see in the pics the tag is fine before I add it to Rekordbox. Not sure what files I can upload to test but this happens all the time when I add tracks weekly










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Hmm, looks like it could be chopping it off due to the colon; I'll pass this along.

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