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RB-DMX 1 with DMX Merger to gain gobos etc?

So just being honest, the lack of updates on the RB-1 and how even in Pioneers videos they are showing moving heads using gobo's, has me pretty sour on the marketing.  I have stuck it out for 9 months and seen no added functionality.  


Therefore I need to make a change or sell it off as it appears they pre-maturely rolled this product out on false promises and won't give any kind of status when functionality that is shown in their own videos will be added.

Is anyone using a DMX merger to add gobo functionality and even some movement etc?  I use ShowXpress for my sound portion of my company with a touch screen and feel this could potentially be a way to add the functionality for an added cost of course.  

If you are using one, have you had any issues?  Which one do you, or dont you recommend?  

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You could certainly port the output DMX signal from the RB-DMX1 into another device. I've used an ENTTEC DMX-USB Pro, but only for diagnostic purposes - it can't simultaneously receive and send. If you had an interface or console capable of it, you could set up your software to apply a change to the appropriate channels of your fixtures for things like gobo, prism, focus, iris, etc.

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