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SP-16 - Feature Request - "MUTE" only the MIDI of a Track. Not the Audio.

When you MUTE a Track the Audio is cut off immediately. And vice versa: The Audio comes back at once.

That is not very musical.

######## How to improve?

Just MUTE the MIDI-Triggering of the recorded pattern.

######## How to implement?

Make the behaviour selectable in the global settings:

  1. "Legacy Mode" => Audio cut-off/cut-in
  2. "MIDI All Mode" => All MIDI is muted. Also the Pads!
  3. "MIDI Pattern All Mode" => All MIDI of the Pattern in muted. The Pads can be played live.
  4. "MIDI Pattern Notes Mode" => Only the MIDI Note-On of the Pattern is muted. The Parameter-Changes comes though. The Pads can be played live.


Thank you!


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YES! This is really necessary! Please Pioneer fix this!

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