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changing rekordbox ui

So I've been learning to beat match by ear and one of the steps i've been taking in that is mixing within rekordbox using the "browse" mode. This is working fine for me except for the fact that when I want to change which the filter i'm using (i'm using the ddj400) or which colour effects are assigned to the filter knobs i have to go back the waveform viewing mode as whenever i switch to browse the filter section is removed form the top of the screen. This is very inconvenient as if forces me to look at the waveforms whenever i want to change my filter and also makes the software feel a lot less smooth and free flowing as i would like it to be whilst mixing. I've discovered that I can get the fx tabs to show at the top of the screen, as they would be while not is browse, by going into the settings whilst on browse mode and (in "view", under "layout") selecting which effects i want present, but when i switch from the waveform mode to browse the fx panel disappears. Essentially I'm wondering whether there is a way to make the fx pannel constantly present even when in browse without having to go to the settings tab every time i switch to browse in order to make it appear.

david stubbs

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