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Make the next Wego the size of a computer keyboard

Here's how I see the future of the DDJ Wego lineup now some of the products like the DDJ-200 are starting overlapping with Wego products in terms of price positioning.

In terms of size :

- I see it at the dimensions of a computer keyboard without the numeric pad.

- Low profile thickness, again as a keyboard.

In terms of controls :

- Jog wheels nearly as large as the current Wego's ones can still fit on this surface, touch-sensitive with scratch support like on current Wego, the jog LEDs can be monochrome or just plain while and smaller/more subtile.

- Other controls should be exactly the same ones we have on the current Wegos, though in a much more recessed form

- Dedicated filter knob would be a must (even if it means the EQ section has to become more minimal

- it would be ideal to have a set of 8 back-lit performance pads per deck even if they have to be 1/4 of the size we find on the DDJs. One button or small rotary to switch between modes would be fine.

Other features :

- iOS compatibility will also be key for a such mobile mixer

- Serato Intro support (in addition to Rekordbox and WeDJ) will be key for this to be a hit for prep-work on Serato or versatile backup solution

- No need to put lights some Numark entry level products do. I believe it really looks gimmicky, but you may build multi-purpose carrying case with power bank + lights

- A sober look and a more Premium metal top surface would differentiate it from competition in terms of design and will also appeal to DJs other than beginners.

Connectivity :

- For power and digital I/O : I believe USB-C would be a good compromise with an adapter cable for connecting to Lightning devices, while powering the whole setup.

- For headphones and master out : mini-jack will be just fine, just make sure the ports are good quality and provide enough level of audio output. If RCA fits, it's of course more than welcome.

- If room doesn't allow-it, you may ditch the microphone in port. If you can fit it in, it's welcome too.

Competition :

- Some competitors have already introduced similar form factors and have been able to provide enough performance control in this smaller size (Numark DJ2G2, Hercules DJControl Starlight)

- They have showed quite successful not only for beginners but also for pros on the go (for prep, backup solution or small events)

- Main competitors in this market support Serato Intro.

Price positioning :

- Similar to the DDJ-200, one would have the choice between mobility or cleaner layout at similar price levels.

- The Serato support may allow to it a bit of premium to the DDJ-200, say $30+$50 more would still be acceptable considering the added versatility.

So ?

- Pioneer folks, what do you think ? Would this fit in your lineup ?

- Forum members ? Would you buy this ?

Jay Neural

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+1 , i would like something @ 70 Euros like the Hercules DJcontrol light to facilitate the preparation work in cases when you are travelling or a new place and does not have the room to get your ddj 1000 out on a table (at a friend place for instance).


for the moment i cannot configure my djcontrol starlight ...(jogwheel & pitchfader) , i welcome any solution :-)



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