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A Prime Go by Pioneer, but way better !

Not pro or against any brand but the Prime Go from Denon DJ really surprised me (and I guess it surprised the market too). It's one of those products that reveal a need you haven't though of yet.

I believe there is room on the market for compact sized devices with Pro features and we have to reckon, Denon DJ just created this market and hence this opportunity that no one should be ashamed of following on. We can't always be Pioneers ;)

A Prime Go type of device from Pioneer would definitely be a killer as it would allow to stay on the Rekordbox library ecosystem while having this no-compromise mobility and versatility.

How Pioneer could do it better and even more versatile (and keep pioneering ;) ?

- Same features as the Prime go, a fully standalone and ultra-portable Rekordbox device with a large screen

- A pair of Phono/Line RCA inputs and DVS support with both Serato, Rekordbox DJ or standalone

- Built-in dual USB(C) input hub for CDJs/MIDI/HID devices

- 2+2 Deck switchable or control the other 2 Decks through DVS or connected HID

- USB audio interface can be single as the unit is already providing standalone playback but must be audio/midi Class compliant for the sake of versatility

- The additional AUX RCAs and MIC-ins would be welcome. Though, to gain some space, one of the MICs could be Jack and the aux could be stereo mini-jack

- Pair of balanced and unbalanced audio outputs for solid audio quality

- Cameras-like externally accessible battery clip/compartiment for replaceable and expandable battery

- Premium quality components, high-end faders and replaceable X-fader

- Keep it in the same size, not a big deal if controls and ports are a bit more recessed than usually as long as they are of good quality

- Bring Spotify support at the occasion to kill it totally.

Pricing : if all those features are included the "Pioneer DDJ Pro M" ;) could compete well in the range between $1K and $1.5K.

It would be like the MPC but for DJs. It's small, versatile and pros are ready to pay over $1K to buy it. In Pioneer terms, we could also see it as a compact and standalone DDJ SX.

Would you buy one of these ? I definitely would !

Jay Neural

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Totally agree with you man! Can't believe it has almost been 2 years and Pioneer hasn't put anything out to compete against the Prime Go. 

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