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MWM Phase with Rekordbox DVS

Trying to get this to work.

So, Phase instructions say to use Line input, so I do plug in the RCAs from the Phase box to the line input.  I have the USB connected from a DJM-450 to Rekordbox.  When I go to DVS calibration screen, I get all 0's when using the line input on the line input selector.  I can hear the control tone loud and it fluctuates depending on if I move the record with phase remote on top.  

However, following the DJM-450 manual, I switch the input to PC and I don't hear the tone anymore, but at least now in calibration it shows something more than 0s - albeit like .0005.  Wave forms of tracks show up and the track "plays", albeit terribly, indicating poor calibration, but attempting to calibrate fails - auto or manual.

Any guidance of things I can try? I've had this working with needles and serato control vinyl.

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You'll need to go into the DJM-450 utility setting and make sure that CH1 / 2 is set to Line input - Control tone.


Do yourself a favour though, stick with the control vinyls! I had my phase from release day and sold it shortly after due to it just being unreliable! Its not massively accurate either.

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