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Light Fixture LSE-4LRG Speed Rotation

Hello I have a little wish about this DMX setting 


Please can you set the Adjustment for the Rotation Effect of the LED Lamps (not the Lazer) a much faster it is very slow and no good effect on the Dancefloor .

I Like when it goes fast and make some Dynamic Light .. ,I use it for Effect 

I Hope it is no big Thing for you and thank you very much for your help 


Best Regards 

Martin jens

Dj Batten Non pianificato

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Hey Martin, unfortunately rotation is not a supported setting at this time - we hope to include additional lighting functions in future but don't have a timeline available. Thank you.

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hello here is a little Problem with the DMX Settings ,the Led´s are not Working on DMX ,only the Laser is Running .

There are Separate Color Led´s and White Led´s they are don't work on DMX

The White one are not Important but the Color Led´s 

The Best Setting is DMX Channel 1. on between 133-144 ,then Laser and Color Led´s are Working !! Sound to Light ...

Channel 2-9 is then not used ,Please change the Setting on Channel 1 ;-) 

Best Regards 

Martin Jens 

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Hello Dj Batten,

Sorry, this fixture has not been included in the rekordbox lighting fixture list because you have not provided the detailed manual of the fixture. 

Please understand even though you provide the manual, some fixtures cannot be supported due to the limitation of the rekordbox lighting software. 

Thank you very much for your kind understanding. 

Pioneer DJ Support 


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