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Eurolite LED FE-1500

Hey Pioneer, 

can you please add the "Eurolite LED FE-1500" Lighting fixture to rekordbox lighting mode. 

Its a Derby, Laser and strobe.

Stand-alone/ DMX

4.5 kg

it also contains a kina flower effect.


Here the links to this product:



Would be so cool to work with this light , because i just bought a few of them. Sadly u was unable to find them in the fixturelibrary , so I hope you can add them asap. 
Greetings Luis

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Hey Pioneer, 

sadly I was uable to find the "Eurolite LED FE-1500" in the Rekordbox fixture library. Can you please try to add it again ? Or at least tell me what I have done wrong. 

Database is updated , but still no listed there. I really need the fixture until Saturday . 

I would be so happy if you add the Fixture to the library as soon as possible. 



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Please make sure you have the latest library installed. As you can see the fixture exists in Ver: 1101

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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