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Possible updates for WEDJ


As part of the UK national curriculum I will be teaching DJing to school children from 10 to 16.

I plan to use the DDJ-200 and WEDJ to start off with and then switch to Rekordbox DJ when they at the right level. The DDJ-200 is perfect for this a part from one thing.

All the tracks that we use on WEDJ can't be exported to Rekordbox. This means that all the cue points etc will have to re-created again. 

Algoriddim Djay offers support from the DDJ-200 right up to Pioneer DJ's CDJ's, why can't Pioneer DJ either offer an export option or a separate piece of software to convert from app to the other?

My second request is to have coloured lights on the performance pads but I guess that will have to be an upgraded to the DDJ-200.




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Unfortunately they're two different and isolated applications and there is no ability to migrate the data or sync between them, but it has been requested.

Coloured LED pads on the DDJ-200 would certainly add to the cost, which is why it was not included (heck, they didn't even include pad MODE buttons!)

Thanks for your feedback.

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