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SP-16 Feature Request & some CleanUp

I'll add something here, if something occures by using the SP-16 :)


• Many values we could dial in are way to coarse ( Feedback per 5 steps... etc ). For serious production use these should not be cut down / restricted.

• There is no fast, performance wise way to mute/bypass a FX-Slot (FX1 / FX2).    A quick way like "Shift + TouchScreen FX1 ( box )" to bypass the FX-Slot would be great. To flip a FX on/off at the moment, we have to :


There should also be enough room over these FX1/2 buttons to add a bypass switch...

• There are only 16 colors to choose from for Pads or StepButtons... These great RGB LEDs should be unleashed.

• The mighty TouchScreen should be dimmable in 10 steps not only 5. For Pads, too. Finetuning is the key.

• FX: The Spring Reverb FX seen on some early Pics should be added.

• FX: A modern Stutter or Glitch FX is also very welcome.

[ • FX: A simple L/R Panner/ing FX would also be great. ] I was able to build one via the LFO-tool.

• Please sort the available FX alphabetically. It's all messed up.

• A USB Quick Format feature would be good to have on both the USB Storage and the internal Storage.

• A Factory Reset is missing. System values could not be reset into a factory state.

• Also like to get some new ProjectPack AddOns like the one from Kiko Navarro. Our pioneer DJ artists should release some of their templates to have fun with it !






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Hi Den Quaid,

Is that a remix of the name Dennis Quaid, per chance?  He was awesome in Innerspace. Classic sci-fi/comedy mashup!

I hear you on these requests.  Glitch and stutter would be very welcome indeed, and yes, a reverb or selection of reverbs would be fantastic.  I have conveyed your suggestions to the engineering team.

Thank you.

Rhythm Droid
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@Rhythm Droid

Thank you for your kind words !

Psssst... those 80s classic sci-fi movies were a financial desaster for some... one of my favorites was "Enemy Mine". But my "nic" could also be related to another movie character from the 90s : "Total Recall" ( Hausers alter ego Quaid ), but who knows...

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