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DDJ-RB & PLX-500

So I have a DDJ-RB for about 2 years now which I’m really enjoying. And was thinking of getting a little extra to it, a PLX-500. My father has some old LP’s he would like to listen on it, but I would also like to connect it to my DDJ-RB. So I can use his old songs in the mix aswell. But will I be albe to connect the both and be able to use headphones from my RB to listen what is playing on the PLX? For example can I use a old LP 12-inch vinyl single playing on the PLX and hear that song on my headphones? I still have some questions about it, Will I be able to connect the both of these or will I have trouble with it? Also when I’m able to connect them, can I hear the song on the PLX-500 with my headphones on the DDJ-RB connected? Also will I be able to have my boxes used for both at the same time when I use?
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