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rekordbox with XDJ-XZ MIDI Setup | Change Mode Buttons

Hey there,

i have a new question about MIDI assignment with rekordbox and XDJ-XZ.

I tried to set the Sampler Mode to the Beat Jump Button and Beat Jump Mode to Sampler Button (Shift + Beat Jump Button).

There are a lot of video tutorials to explain this but it doesn't works.

The steps...

• open MIDI window

• delete values or delete the complete entry for BeatJump Mode (Deck 1 ... 4)

• reassign Sampler Mode to this Button (Beat Jump Button without pressing Shift)

• RESULT >> nothing


I tried different Buttons / Pads on the XDJ-XZ >> stays old assignment but in the MIDI window the assignment changed on pressing the button / pad on the XDJ-XZ.

My way (but not fine):

I delete every single Beat Jump Pad assignment and set every single Beat Jump Pad to Sampler Pad (for every single deck and with Beat Jump Pad to Sampler Pad too). It's really sucks 🤦‍♂️

Is there another way / workflow for it???



Last week i switch from Serato to rekordbox.

The reason: XDJ-XZ works with both >> Serato and rekordbox and after trying rekordbox... rekordbox has more possibilities than Serato >> good Stuff 👍

BUT the MIDI assignments in Serato works very well than rekodbox.

• different kind of buttons can't assigned while pressing Shift Key.

• why does MIDI assignment not asking me for re-assigning a button, if this has another function >> like keyboard settings in preferences work???

Best regards and stay healthy Guys

Alex East

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My issue  is that I am looking to be able to eject samples I am no longer using and replace with a new sample in the sample slot. Currently I have to scroll on the computer and eject the sample manually there, fiddly and less than ideal.

I need  to be able to eject old samples so that I can insert a new sample into the slot in its place. On the midi learn, I cannot find anything  resembling a samnple eject functin. Any ideas?

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