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Moving Head update for lighting mode (Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo)


I recently got your RB-DMX1 fixture and I'm having issues with it controlling my moving heads. I have a pair of Chauvet Intimidator Spot duo. I've tried different initial settings from your macro library and they all seem to be very limited. The spots are barely moving and the settings seem to be quite confusing. I understand that you don't (yet) support gobos and I look forward to the time when gobos will be included in the programs. However, your macros programs pail in comparison to the auto sound mode on the fixtures. I've tried different channel options since they could work on either 10, 17 or 20 channels and it seems that when I use 17 or 20 channels, only one of the 2 lights seem to work. When I use the basic 10 channel settings, the both work. Since this software is meant for DJ's and not DMX professionals, I'd appreciate a detailed manual or series of videos on how to control and program moving heads, since they are the most complicated out most type of lights and most mobile DJ's use them, if not exclusively. 

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