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Improve Slicer on RB6

Hi again,

Still on RB6, but it was the same on 5: the slicer is quite messy.

This function is usefull to re-sequence / re-drum a short snippet of a track, usually we want to hear only the parts we're pressing on the pads, leaving completely the "normal flow" of the loop / track. But RB is too sticky to the slip mode (even if it's deactivated by the function itself), going back to often on the "normal play" before to re-jump on the wanted sequencing, making it not clean.

The behavior is obviously better when quantize is activated, but even like this it's not perfect and as flawlessly as Traktor or Serato can be.


BAB's Ol

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PS: It also could be great to have the slicer available when the track is paused. That should allow accurate finger drumming as if it was cue points, but on the fly, without eating on cue points slots.

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