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Option to turn off Lyrics.

HI Pulse! ( and the other over there) 

Seeing as RB6 Creative plan includes Lyrics - which is amazing for most songs. 
Some tracks it's just way too much ( I also play video with the lyrics ) 

It would be good it we had an option to turn off lyrics for individual tracks. 

IMO the best spot would be in motion selector. If there was an option to have 'none' which would turn off lyrics for the specific track 

and this is the reason is that some tracks just look bad with lyrics.
no matter what you do they never really sync up and it just looks messy. 

But other tracks look amazing and the lyrics sync perfectly ( some need  a little delay compensation adjustment but that just takes a few seconds) 


I feel more users are going to be using lyrics feature since it's included in creative - would be REALLY nice to be able to have the option to "hide' and turn off individual tracks 


PS - a little tip on delay compensation for anyone reading this 

If the lyrics are on screen early you do a positive adjustment 
If the lyrics are on screen late you do a negative adjustment. 

1 second = 1000ms 

How to calculate how many 'ms' adjustment is needed.
if the lyrics for audio starts at 12 seconds
and the lyrics video text  start at 16 seconds
you need about -4000ms 

also 'auto' motion setting look good most of the time but once you learn the different motions you can set the one you like best on the track 


PS changing delay to max of 99999 kind of works,
If you set motion to torrent give you the most time, but your lyrics will start to scroll in around  1 minute 20 seconds

If the Dev team was to allow extra time on delay compensation that could work :P


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Yes I can MANUALLY disable it .  But once it's off it stays in that state until you MANUALLY enable it. 

- there is no keyboard shortcut :( 

- there is no midi command ( or pad editor option for XP1 ) 

- most tracks are good with lyrics - but the option under motion or the ability to remember on or off state for individual tracks would be very useful. 



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One last thing to add 

If I 'delete lyrics' from a track the system automatically re-downloads them. 

I have 'analyze' disabled and 'acquire lyrics when analyzing tracks' off 

since the max is 3000 lyrics should the system automatically download? That doesn't seem right. 


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