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RB6 Suggestion - Highlight/colour fonts in individual tracks

Gang, keep up the good work


In the collection or playlist of tracks, I'd love the ability to change the colour of the font of that particular track and make it stand out amongst the tracks in list. 

think of it as using a fluoro marker and highlighting it. A personal reason why that track is highlighted. 

it would be useful to do this in the same colour range as the dots. teal, pink, yellow, orange, green etc. 

why? just one more tool to throw into the software for a DJ to use. It gives me a chance to denote a certain track. I may want to edit it, review it, play it first, revisit it later etc. 


glenn king

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Below is an example of what i propose. It would be most effective if you could right click on it and have Font>Color> etc.

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