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Pioneer XDJ 700 - unable to see tags on decks

Hi there,

I have had my XDJ 700 decks for a few months now and have recently been trying to organise my music folders. Looking at most online posts, it would seem that using tags for each track (components, situation, genre) is a good way of doing so.

I've added tags (on rekordbox) to specific tracks and transferred this to my USB, but I am unable to actually see any tags on the decks. It may be that I am unable to see tags on these decks, but I wanted to check this point first? And if there is any workaround if this isnt available on the XDJ 700 decks. Also, wanted to check what type of decks you have that you can actually see the tags on the decks.


Declan Lamb

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Sorry, the XDJ-700 does not have this capacity; you'd need to use one of the most recent models (either the XDJ-1000MK2 or CDJ-2000MK2).

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