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Protect Library : 2 years since Pioneer promised an improved feature and nothing happened !

I mentionned you this issue many times here and by email but no one at Pioneer support responded me (Serato people and RekBuddy people do within a week !) : In your answer to a user in August 2018 who had the same request as me Pioneer Support replied that their team was going to create a more flexible Protect Library but nothing has happened as of today 2 years later ! Could you please keep your word and do it urgently very soon because it is a huge issue ?

I just moved my Serato library to Rekordbox DJ and the only major problem I have is that I find it a real 'pain' to use it just because of that missing improvement. As it is, I find the 'Protect Library' feature totally useless and just 'deco' : because when it's on we simply can't do anything during standard DJ manoeuvres (ie we can't move folders/tracks, nor create Playlists or put tracks into playlists -esp. during a live set to put tracks apart=vital-, etc).

As I told you I find that all my metadata is, right now, at high risk of deletion on Rekordbox DJ because 'deletion' is triggered too easily because of how Edit mode works -ex : selecting a line/or double clicking on it highlights the whole field ready to be deleted if not EXTRA careful (very common moves).

Please create urgently :
- an improved Protect Library feature which allows doing (like in Serato) everything except metadata/text deletion plus, ideally on top of that,
- a 'deletion warning' window,
- a 'cancel last operation' button,
- a special 'Protect Library' icon in the top Menu bar (for eg) to remind us whether of not PL is on or off, so that we can select and move fast items within the library without any fear of deletion (esp. our metadata text which can be long & complex, hard to remember, ex. comments/genre),
- and (at least in the meantime) a 'special mapping command' to put on/off the Protect Library feature in a fraction of a second (ex. hitting 2 keys max),
and respond this time, thank you ! :)

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We're aware of this request and yes, it's still on the list.

Thanks for your feedback.

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