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Syncing playlists stalls at 5%.

I am running version 5.8.5 I believe. I am trying to get my playlists (made in Rekordbox to sync to a usb key (256GB formatted in Fat32).. 


At first I did a few playlists (11 GB-4 lists) and that finished, although it took 5 days. Now I've added a few more playlists (3 lists-another 11 GB of music) In 2 days it was stalled at 5%. I waited another 3 days (5 days total). It is still at 5%. I stopped the sync by clicking the "X". Rebooted the computer. Tried to sync again. Counts up to 5% in about 10 seconds, then just stalls at 5% again.

Is there a way to diagnose to see if it is stuck on a corrupt file or something?

.I am not sure what to do.

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Sorry, you're going to have to try narrowing it down manually as the log is only kept for tracks that failed when the export completes. Create smaller batches of playlists to pinpoint which track(s) are causing it to stop. It could be due to a corrupt file or un-analysed track.

If it's taking that long to export, the write speeds of that USB drive aren't very good; you may consider using a higher quality drive.

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