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problem with DJM 900 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2

problem with DJM 900 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2

i´ve got today my djm 900 and my tractor scratch pro 2 certified upgrade kit.

I´m using also two stanton st-150 II turntables with ortofon s-120´s, which i plugged in channel 1 and channel 4 (phono) for timecode use.

My pc is set up with windows 7 prof. 64 bit.


So, the problem:

I was installing traktor and djm utility/driver. Then i do step by step the same things, which he does:


my traktor doing nothing. The vinyl on "deck a" at traktor doesn´t spin. So i look up at the timecode settings in the preferences,

but there is no signal comming from the turning table with the timecode vinyl on it. I decide to switch from usb to phono, and there

comes the timecode-signal thru my speakers. The signal is very loud and clear, no interrupts.


So, is it a traktor problem or where did i stucked? Where is the issue?


note: when i set up the djm tool to just play the music over usb (channel faders), i load the track at traktor,

look at channel 1 an there comes it without any problem, just the timecode doesn´t come in.


please help, im very thankful for any reply



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Open the DJM-900 Setting Utility and make sure these are set to the CONTROL TONE PHONO inputs:

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