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Pioneer DJ VM-80 Auto Standby does not work

I recently purchased a pair of VM-80, and I've not seen the auto-standby feature work. I've even tried unplugging all source cables to see if this encourages the auto standby feature but alas it does not. I've seen in one reference the indicators should turn red, but in another reference turn off but neither happens no matter how long I leave them.

I see somebody has commented this being an issue for the VM-70 as well. One of my speakers also has a slightly duller indicator than the other. One was manufactured Jan 2021, the other March 2021 and I purchased in June.

James Voakes

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I have the same issue, just tried leaving the monitors on without any an audio cable plugged in. Have also never seen the indicator LED turn red, or turn off. Does not matter how long they are left, standby never comes on.

Actually tried leaving them with auto standby disabled, to see if maybe the switch is just inverted.

They sound excellent and I don't think I would return mine, however it is a shame that the standby feature is missing. A little concerned about unnecessary extra power draw in the long term..

It's strange that both units have this behaviour. Might be best to just run extensions to them and use a unified power switch for both monitors, or something like that.

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Hi Cellz,

In the end I spoke to somebody and they were fixed for free under warranty at my nearest servicing centre. The indicators turn red in my case.

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