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Connect DJM-V10 To CDJ-3000 > DIGITAL VS ANALOG?


I have the Pioneer DJM-V10 Mixer, and a pair of Pioneer CDJ-3000,

I saw there is 2 options connecting the CDJ-3000 to the Mixer - Via Digital or Via Analog (RCA), what is the better option to connect?

I Just consult with a Pioneer representative in my country and he told me it's unnecessary for me to use the Digital outputs because it's good just for big sound systems (i'm using it as my home setup).


thank you,

Guy G.

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Using the RCA cables to go digital will give a slightly better signal, but many DJs will use digital so as to free up the RCA inputs for other gear (Turntables or other CDjs). If you are not using anything digital in the signal chain then RCA would be fine, but make sure you select Digital or line/CDJ on the appropriate channels. If you are recording, use digital, if playing through a normal size sound system, RCA will be fine.

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