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Option to turn off next memory cue turning white (and thus hiding the colour set for next MC!!!)

I'm sorry, but the 'enhancement' to previous RB versions where instead the upcoming MC color stayed the same as the 'playhead' approaches it (as opposed to turning white), is illogical and not thought through. Otherwise what is the point of having the ability to set MCs a certain color?

I mean, given MC colors are typically used to provide info about mixing possibilities at a certain point - how is this functionality aided by hiding the color of the MC and turning it white. And there's nowhere else where the color can be easily and quickly checked as the color changes on both the overview and detailed waveforms.

A bit disappointed to see that the option to revert to logical functionality hasn't been included in 6.5.2. I'm sure some users like the MC turning white functionality - so an option in preferences could be an idea :)

thank you!

Simona Louisa

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Hi Simona

I raised this issue a short while ago & the reply I got was 

<<The color of nearest memory cue won't be changed if Current Position is selected for Beat Countdown in Preferences->View.>>

in the Beat Count Display section.

This does work so unless you need to count to the next memory cue (which I don't) give it a try :-)

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