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Lyric support and it's future

Hey there, just wanted to say up front I'm a big fan of Rekordbox 6+. The addition of Edit Mode, Export Mode's flexibility, great beat/key detection, and highly customizable hotkeys have made it easy for me to migrate away from using Mixxx and MixedInKey and got me onboard as a creative plan subscriber.

One feature I'm currently very underwhelmed by though is the lyric addon. I see so much potential for it playing out at a venue or streaming online, but it feels hobbled by the relatively limited database. I've imported over 2000 tracks (the majority of them with lyrics as I'm really big on melodic vocals) with clean and proper metadata into my collection and tried scanning all of them for lyrics and it only returned them for a handful. It seems to be getting better support with modern tracks, even if they're not in the realm of top 40 or pop, but not being able to use this for some of my all time favorite tracks, older sets, or edited tracks is a major downer.

As of June 30th this year, PetitLyrics just announced they ended support for their Windows app for creating custom lyrics and don't have it available on their site. I managed to find a copy of the latest version of app that was available, but the interface is 100% Japanese with no localization for English. 

I know they have a Android/iOS version of the app, but I don't run Rekordbox on either of those platforms and having to take tracks into that ecosystem to create custom lyrics and bring them back is a very clunky workflow/process, also keeping in mind that you still have to get the lyric submitted and approved by them to even use them if I understood what's on their site correctly.

If the ability to create/edit custom lyrics was made part of the creative plan and something you could do in Export/Edit mode, I'd go full 'shut up and take my money' mode and continue paying for it month to month for that feature alone because I really do think it has that level of value to it, but for the time being, I'm only subscribing to use Edit mode and dropping it when I'm not actively working on a set as I don't use any of the other features in the creative plan at this time.

I'm really curious as to the future of this feature and if there's anything already in the pipe for it if you guys are able to speak to that. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback.


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